Brief introduction of ocf-t optical film

THERMOPLASTIC OPTICAL CLEAR FILM is the best choice for the combination of touch screen and display screen. It is applied to transparent optical elements and TP/LCM in all types of sizes, and many indicators are better than OCA optical transparent adhesive in the whole lamination process. The products manufactured by OCF are adopted, and all indicators of the products reach and exceed those of OCA adhesive application, so as to solve the problem of high defective rate for customers.

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OCF fully laminated equipment

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Dongguan oufu electronic technology co., LTD is located in wusha community, chang 'an town, dongguan city. The main production of thermal plasticity optical transparent film. Applied to transparent optical element and TP/LCM all kinds of size, all in all the laminating process OCF is superior to the OCA index optical cellophane tape used in the production of products, the indicators products meet and exceed the OCA glue application products, for customers to solve the important issues of the finished product defective rate is high, many times to improve the strength of panel, a number of factors lead to the production cost greatly reduced. It is an excellent solution in TP/LCM field.

Since its establishment, the company has been oriented by customer demand, respecting talents, constantly improving its own strength and level, and improving service level and quality. We give full play to the team's ability to cooperate, pursue sustainable operation, and create high-quality products. The company will strive to provide customers with more satisfactory products and services.

We firmly believe that excellent service quality and good customer relations are the fundamental for the survival and development of the company. Our cooperation with customers is not about short-term benefits, but about quality to win common progress! Sincerely hope to go forward hand in hand with you and create the future together